The Nightmare Rider's Castle


The pee one omfg BLESS YOU

Germany: ‘Urban naked zones’ legalise public nudity in Munich

Naturism Bares More Than Our Skin

Naturism Bares More Than Our Skin


Naturism Bares More Than Our Skin

Naturism Bares More Than Our Skin


God tier Latula! Next in line is Kurloz and then the two I’ve been avoiding…


God tier Latula! Next in line is Kurloz and then the two I’ve been avoiding…




Princess Bubblegum speaking German. 

I’m starting to wonder if the candy kingdom is located in what used to be Germany



creating characters you really love

not having a story to put them in





people who hate homestuck and have no idea what it is


People who hate Homestuck and wont shut up about the fact that they hate Homestuck


if they hate homestuck so much why dont they just hate marry homestuck


Homestuck has really equipped its fans with an ample supply of comebacks

Dunno if anybody's asked this but, what do you think is the superior way to experience Homestuck? The cinematic enhancements of Colab videos make some pages intensely better, but the interaction with the site that sometimes is shown probably isnt as well portrayed through video.


Well, that boils down to personal preference!

Ultimately, I (personally) think a simple way of thinking about it is that you could compare it to a book VS a movie adaptation (although Let’s Read is a much more literal movie adaptation with nothing cut out.)

Homestuck has a lot of freedom in terms of what things sound like- there is nothing canon in the sounds or voices and it is open to interpretation and honestly I believe the majority of the fandom likes it that way.

Much like with a book you’re free to be as creative with these concepts given to you as you please, allowing for it’s own miniature brand of fun.

"Hey, what if Gamzee had a really thick french accent? Why? Who gives a shit, this is awesome and makes my reading experience at least 300% better."

But with LRH, everything is given to you on plate: you got your side of music, a juicy slab of voice acting and some healthy side effects to round out the textures. There’s little room for your imagination or creativity. It doesn’t make it lesser than it’s counterpart, because I believe it can help develop a deeper understanding to your own experience.

For example I would never have experienced the music Homestuck had to offer (both fan made and official) if not for Let’s Read as it never really occurred to me to seek it out.

There have also been several scenes in which I (again, personally) never truly understood the emotional significance until an actor had displayed this crucial part of their character to me which helped me appreciate them on a better level and my understanding of the story as a whole.

My opinion would be always to read the story for yourself first, but we know that’s not always easy! That’s why we made LRH, to help you tackle this hulking behemoth of a webcomic so that you may enjoy the experience at an easier pace and introduce your otherwise reluctant friends so that you both may have something more in common.

TL;DR do, like, whatever you feel like man.

- Badger, CoLab Admin.